3D Logos & Labels / 3D-silicone

About the 3D silicone labels and logos (heat transfers or sewing on)

They are supreme quality 3D heat transfers, manufactured either by silk-screen printing process (flat surface transfers) or by injection or molding (flat or embossed surface heat transfers).

Soft and comfortable silicone heat transfer labels, that can have raised 3d effects of different thicknesses, such as: 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, etc.

They are suitable for polyester, pure cotton fabric, while elastic cloth(needs test first) . Persistent even after many washes, which will not lead to fading colors or formation of cracks . Its color fastness can reach top level and has excellent elasticity. The features of silicone are that they can show complex colors and gradient effects. Silicone heat transfers have a good hand feel and they match with all jersey fabrics.

For all our silicone logos are available certificates.


What is actually silicon?

Silicone is a kind of highly active adsorption material, which belongs to amorphous material. Its chemical molecular formula is SiO2. NH2O. Besides strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid, it does not react with any substance, insoluble in water and any solvent. It is non-toxic, tasteless and its chemical properties are stable. Different types of silica gel create different pore structures because of their individual manufacturing methods.

Applications: Silicone heat transfers can be applied wherever 3 dimensional trims are requested and in place of normal flat transfers. They can be used as back neck/front chest and sleeve trims for greater brand identity exposure.

There are basically two types of 3d silicone labels and logos: silicone on fabric or full silicone logos.

  • Silicone labels and logos on different fabrics (tatami, satin, woven or microfiber)


  • Full silicone labels and logos (with either flat surface or multilevel, made by printing or by mold )


Custom 3D Silicone, 3D silicone on tatami, on satin, on woven or on microfiber labels and logos (heat transfers or sewing on)

There are really many options of the 3D full silicone or 3D silicone on fabric logos and labels. The Branding-ID is here to help you choose the best resolution to fit your design, purpose and needs.

For example, when your design needs to be presented with different levels and different finishing structures, then 3D multilevel heat transfer is a perfect solution.

With the characteristics of structured tatami fabric, for example, used as a background for your logo, three dimensional and soft-to-the-touch silicone, makes your product look more exclusive, more expensive.

Excellent combination of different background fabrics with their matt or shiny effects will significantly add value to your brand.


Type of use

Sports and fashion. They can be used as back neck (if label or logo is not too thick), front chest and sleeve trims for greater brand identity exposure.

Available colors and finishing

Any pantone color and it can be multicolor. Different finishing depending on the artwork.


Suitable for cotton, nylon, polyester, lycra (to be tested) and more (any waterproof fabrics need extra test)

Technical specifications

Washability: 40-60℃, depending on different types and the fabric.
Touch / Feel: Smooth
Certifications: available

Applying conditions:

Pneumatic heat press machine
Temperature: 140-155℃
Pressure: 2-2.5 bar
Time: 20-25s
Sheet removal: Cold

The above information has to be optimized every time according to type of machinery and fabric. We always recommend to carry out a test before any bulk production or change of fabric.

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