During the last years the apparel industry, especially in the sport sector, paid special attention to the use and development of technical fabrics which support the athletes during their activities.

At the same time, for aesthetic and marketing reason, the garments used by the athletes are more and more embellished with different type of logos (names, numbers, sponsor logos, patches) which limit the perspiration and increase the weight.


To solve this problem, Stilscreen has developed and patented a new type of transfer technology called R-BREATH. It can be injected into FLEX, SUBLIFLEX, REFLEX and MULTIREFLEX. The transfer becomes, through a special laser perforation, lighter and more breathable.

With this technology we can achieve:

  • holes and cuts with extremely small dimension
  • holes and cuts of different shapes and dimension
  • graphics and special effects inside the transfer or just in parts of it
  • many other types of effects

Laboratory results

Test for determination of water – vapour transmission rate
Perspiration results obtained by Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento Spa (Italian Institute for OEKO-TEX certification):

  • average width hole: 0,27 mm
  • average length hole: 0,28 mm
  • longitudinal distance between the holes: 1,62 mm
  • cross-sectional distance between the holes: 1,77 mm

Testing mode:

  g/mq d g/mq h
fabric without transfer 1406 58,6
fabric with traditional transfer 101 4,2
fabric with R-BREATH transfer 1199 50

We can state that R-BREATH transfer is 10 times more breathable than a traditional transfer!

Notice: This product is the trademark of the Stilscreen S.R.L. Italy and it is used by Branding ID, owned by Dejan Jovanovic as an exclusive distributor for Germany.

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